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How to Pick the Best Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

It is not yet clear when the evergreen fir tree started being considered as the ideal Christmas tree. However, legend has it that Martin Luther, the Protestant reformer, invented them. Christmas trees are a standard feature in the majority of homes across the world, and people always want the best trees to make their Christmas perfect – after all, it comes once a year.

So what are some of the factors you should consider when choosing a Christmas tree?

  1. Depending on your needs, choose the species most suited for your family. If there are kids around, make sure the needles aren’t too sharp to leave them wailing. Firs and pine are good options as they don’t have needles that would hurt a soul. And those with shorter needles such as Fraser are quite easier to decorate. They tend to have sufficient space between the branches where you can have your decorations.
  1. It would not be such a good idea to get a Christmas tree with uneven coloration. The idea is to make the holiday as ideal as possible, and that includes choosing a dark green color for your tree.
  1. The best Christmas tree should be fresh. Use your fingers to bend the needles and determine their freshness. Fresh pine should easily turn while the fir should snap. The needles should be green and shiny. And when you pull on the leaves, they should not smoothly falloff the branches.
  1. Determine the most appropriate place where the tree should be. Places near a heat source are a definite no. Also, avoid areas with a significant amount of traffic as you don’t want everyone bumping into it or squeezing in the small pathway it has left.
  1. You need the necessary measurements of the perfect spot you want it as you go shopping. Determine the ceiling height and the width of the place and have them on paper. If you already have a tree stand, measure it too to avoid embarrassment where you get a bigger-than-your-stand tree.
  1. Make sure you have the right supplies as you go out. You will need gloves for your hands – the spikes are fond of making you uncomfortable-, and tape measure to pick the right size. Bring an old blanket where you will place the tree. This will protect the car form the needles and sap. And unless you have a van or large truck, it will be more convenient to carry the tree on the roof. Wrap the tree in the blanket and tie it securely to avoid wobbly movements.

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